Friday, 2 May 2014

Latest Washing Clothes Game for Kids - FREE at Play Store

GameiMax the preeminent game development company recently launched exclusive new android kids game named "Kids Washing Cloths". It's really amazing game for kids. This game is free to download from Google Play.

 From this game kids will learn how to wash, dry, ironing & fold clothes properly as well as learn how to help their mummy in routine work.

Kids Washing Cloths game includes two activities like 'Machine Wash' and 'Hand Wash'. When game will be start, we have to choose one activity among them. Suppose we select Machine Wash, in that we have to use two buckets to separate white & colored clothes to wash. Put all colored clothes in washing machine & add washing powder and press start button.  After finish wash colored clothes dry all clothes outside.

In Hand Wash activity, soak clothes in bucket for few minutes then start to wash with detergent & beater & water. After completion of hand wash, dry clothes outside. When all clothes are dried, we have to ironing all that clothes & fold properly.

Some interesting features are there like:

-  Use different color buckets to divide the white and colored clothes to wash
-  Select and drag to place, apply, on/off etc.
-  Amazing graphics which enhance the gaming
-  Very smooth to play without any interruption

See Game Play Video:

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Kids Wahing Cloths